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Drinking with Geeks #6: Beer and Broadswords

It’s the sixth podcast! That’s an anniversary, site right? Joseph Scrimshaw returns with Bill Stiteler, check Jerry Belich, and Melissa Kaercher!

Melissa is drinking Cave Creek Chili Beer. The chili pepper freaks us out.

Bill enjoys a Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti, but misses Dragon’s Milk. He had another beer that had Dave Foley on the label.

Joseph has a Barking Squirrel. This is also a beer.

Jerry shows us all up by drinking a Westvleteren 12,  a beer that was only available for sale for one day. He gave us a sip.

Questions answered:

  • What substance would you have to pull Excaliber out of?
  • We defend Star Trek: The Motion Picture as the best Trek movie (that isn’t Wrath of Khan)
  • Should we take a break on zombie stuff?
  • Should Hamill, Fisher, and Ford appear in the new Star Wars film?
  • Does Batman carry condoms in his utility belt?
  • What day-to-day tasks would you use a broadsword for?
  • Can you kill Cthulu with a broadsword?
  • Are broadswords cooler than rapiers?
  • Are bastard swords a cheat?


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